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In the modern era, all human societies have been impacted by the net-centric world, albeit to different degrees. In the US, Europe, and much of Asia, the impact of this phenomenon is everywhere — from the arts to commercial enterprises of all types. The net-centric nature of our time is of great economic importance, which has been recognized by many as early as the turning of the last century. For example Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) observed::

In the new global economy information and communications technology (ICT) is the major driver, not just of improved quality of life, but also of economic growth. Moreover, there are strong indications that IT has the potential to continue driving growth for the ` foreseeable future.

This fact is recognized by every major commercial and financial player across the globe, from telecommunications giants such as AT&T, to computer icons such as Big Blue, IBM. And they, and all the other major global players (and some not so major), are acting upon this awareness in the hope of a more robust bottom and top line.

It is indeed a pervasive global phenomenon that no one can afford to ignore. From mobile apps to cloud computing and HTML5, our world grows more wired every day. According to the US Census Bureau, the economic role of digital technology can be summed up as follows:

The growth, integration, and sophistication of information technology and communications is changing our society and economy. Consumers now routinely use computer networks to identify sellers, evaluate products and services, compare prices, and exert market leverage. Businesses use networks even more extensively to conduct and re-engineer production processes, streamline procurement processes, reach new customers, and manage internal operations. of business.


Clearly to successfully compete in today's fast paced environment, every industry sector, every public institution, and every individual entrepreneur, has to achieve an optimal level of competency in this brave new world, or risk being left behind by competitors and collaborators alike.

This is where Walker Automated Services comes in. We can give you the analytical, development, documentation and training edge you need to not only survive, but to excel.